26 July 2008

(28) Digital/computer Art

My new field of study, well this is more like an offshoot of what I have studied, revolves around media art (including digital/computer art). Animation is part of this field, but this time I am talking about interactivity and installations. I am interested in using code to create visuals and a space for the viewer to become part of the project. Installations also fit within this area because I do not necessarily mean the interactivity can be “dialed” up on a home computer. I have started doing some low level ActionScripting through Flash 8 calling on buttons to play video and audio. I also want to apply this knowledge to web development in an International business setting, with Asia being my focus.

1 comment:

JL said...

Impressive! I tend to stick mainly to texture work, myself. But I have a healthy respect for anyone who can do the full coding.