25 July 2008

Event Topic

I agonized over what to write about this year. Last year I wrote a 48 line poem making each line into an acronym poem. The year before that I rambled. So this year I thought to have a list of topics to write about, but I did not know what the topics should be. While designing a website for my summer class last month I had to write a bit of a bio, and I dislike doing this because I never know what to write. I do not even like the bio for Blogger, which is the same for every other place online I need a bio. To solve this problem, because the project was going to be due, I thought I will tag myself, i.e. use words to describe myself and my interests.

Brilliant! I should do the same thing but write about the tag I chose. Maybe after this event I can go back over what I wrote and try to put together some form of intelligent bio piece I can add to my not yet created portfolio website. Good deal, since this portfolio needs to be completed and submitted very soon after the semester starts at the end of August, or before.

Self tags it is.
[This is not as egotistical as it may seem; the posts will speak for themselves.]