26 July 2008

(07) Photography

My passion, my BFA is in Photography. I have been studying and working within photography for about 13 years now, before strictly fine art, now mainly documentary work. I am currently working on Project 365, which is photographing everyday to post in my gallery. One of this photos are also blogged everyday in a LiveJournal community called mylife_onceaday.

I work mainly digitally (Nikon Coolpix 5700), but I love film, 120mm black and white.

Favourite subjects include: flowers, birds, water droplets on an objects, and repeating lines or forms.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! My husband is a photographer and I 'dabble' a bit. I love it, I'm just not passionate in the way that he is... nor skilled for that matter. I might have to come back after the thon.