26 July 2008

(02) Language

English is my native language even though it gives me problems sometimes (spelling). I have studied a variety of other languages, but none to fluency. Currently I am studying 3 languages if you do not count computer languages.

Spanish - 3.5 years in High School
Latin - 4 official college semesters, 1 unofficial
Koine Greek - 4 official college semesters, 2.5 unofficial
Mandarin Chinese - 2 official college semesters, 1.5 unofficial [current]
Classical Tibetan - 2 official college semesters [current]
Hebrew - 0.5 unofficial college semester
Japanese - 0 official college semester [current, begins Aug. 25]


khouria jen said...

another koine greek person? were you a theology major or something?

(i have a year of it under my belt and i help teach it and biblical hebrew at the local prison.)

isabella mori said...

oh wow, another language person!

i used to be completely fluent in spanish - not anymore, but i'm still good

fluent in german

i've learned russian, latin, greek and french, and know some italian and portuguese. if you give me a text in french, italian or portuguese and enough time, i might be able to muddle through. the latin, even though i've studied it for 5 years, is like a fishnet stocking, and the russian and greek - i can still kinda make out the letters :)