26 July 2008

(13) Birds

We put a bird feeder in our yard a few years ago and now we get so many varieties of birds, some staying all winter (which is feels like 8 months of the year, but in the Buffalo, NY area all you have to do is wait 5 minutes and the weather will change). I do not know which bird is my favourite, maybe the American Goldfinches because watching them is so entertaining; some would call it birdie soap operas. The most rare bird (for my yard) to visit was a Cedar Waxwing; saw them once, just long enough to identify. During the winter I participated in a bird count where birders from the area count the various species and send to the Audubon Society.

NOTE: In coming!!! If by chance I miss a few posts it will only be because I lost power. There is a long line of severe thunderstorms on radar and my Grandparents, 9 miles away, lost power during the first round.

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