26 July 2008

(08) Vegan

I had been a strict vegetarian since I was 15 (slightly over half my life) and I am also lactose intolerant and cannot eat eggs. Before I went strictly vegan I would eat some cheese and egg white were in some foods, even though it bothered me physically. A few years ago I said enough was enough and went “cold bean” to veganism.

Sure animals are cute, sure I want to preserve the environment, but I myself cannot save the world. These all are great reasons to be vegetarian/vegan, but are not the reasons I maintain this lifestyle. Being human I have the ability to choose, and use this ability to not eat other animals because I know I do not have to. I have had blood tests and all my levels of vitamins and protein are great (except vitamin D, but that is because I am either studying and/or in front of this computer underground).

What does a vegan eat? This vegan eats tofu, beans, noodles, rice, vegetables (but only a few kinds), bean water (soy milk), frozen bean water (soy based ice cream) and the list goes on.


Anonymous said...

I am vegetarian. I couldn't be vegan because I am far too lazy in my food preparation. I admire people who are able to make that choice and sustain it.

Anonymous said...

damn, I keep forgetting to say that this is me: moira