27 July 2008

(45) ---

A free for all, the wild card, the I do not want to have a set topic for a post. Now that I have halted my brain for the lack of following the script, i.e the topic list.

Which reminds me of The Topic, a long since gone coffee shop on the corner of Elmwood Ave. and Allen St. (where the Bubble Man lives -- really the guy blows bubbles from this apartment window, still), where one could order a giant cup of coffee called a "Hot Sludge". It was hot, thick, sure to rot your insides and the best damn cup of coffee!


JL said...

Only two more hours to go! You've done an excellent job so far!


isabella mori said...

thanks again for being my monitor. how you managed to post for 24 hours AND also be a monitor is beyond me ...